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Established in 2011, Miss Lady Designs is guided by the creative vision of Katie Brown, a skilled graphic and web designer. Holding a degree in Graphic Arts from Liverpool John Moores University, Katie’s professional journey led her to excel as a User Experience Designer, particularly specialising in the travel industry. The inception of Miss Lady Designs occurred organically as Katie’s family and friends, impressed by her design prowess, sought her expertise to craft personalised invitations. Embracing the opportunity, Katie founded Miss Lady Designs, prioritizing bespoke creations. Unlike templated approaches, Katie collaborates closely with each couple, ensuring that every design is meticulously crafted to mirror the essence of their unique love story.

Katie Brown


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Bespoke Stationery for Life’s Special Moments

At Miss Lady Designs, our design journey is a collaborative and artistic exploration, ensuring that each piece of stationery is a reflection of your unique story and the beauty of life’s celebrations.

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Why Choose Miss Lady Designs?


Bespoke Creations

Our stationery is tailor-made to reflect your unique style and personality. No two designs are alike, ensuring that your invitations are as special as your event.

How We Design

The design journey begins with understanding your unique story and style. We draw inspiration from your ideas, preferences, and the essence of the occasion to shape a concept that reflects your vision.


Personalised Service

Each bespoke piece is a testament to our dedication to creating stationery that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, bringing a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to every event.